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What’s Your Dosha?

published: Oct 3, 2022

According to Ayurveda, the age-old traditional medicine practice that originated in South Asia, when our doshas are imbalanced, we become susceptible to illness and disease.

Our dosha is our constitution — that is, the unique mix of energy and elements that make up our body  type.  Ayurveda, which is considered the sister science to yoga, recognizes 3 main doshas:

  1. Vata:  Ether elements.  People who have vata dosha tend to be slim, energetic, and excel at multitasking.
  2. Kapha: Earth elements.  Kapha types are often thick-boned, strong and epathetic.
  3. Pitta:  Fire elements. Pita dosha will manifest itself in peopel who are atheltic, highly motivated, and competitive.

When you know your dosha, then you also can know how to keep it in the proper balance.  That in turn can help you live a healthy and vibrant life.

Do you know what your dosha is?  If not, then sign up for this informative and eye-opening workshop with Caroline Barragan.  With her expert guidance, you will not only find out what your dosha is, but what foods, exercises and activities can help unlock your innate talents and abilities.

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