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Step Inside Our Sanctuary

From Humble Seeds

Living Yoga first opened our doors in 2009.  Back then, our sanctuary was located in a cozy, brick-walled 2nd floor space overlooking the corner of 78th Avenue and Queens Boulevard.  From those humble seeds, a vibrant and diverse spiritual community sprouted and grew.

Living Yoga’s current owner, Joneil Adriano, is a former award-winning journalist who first joined the studio in 2015 as a student, and then later become one of its instructors.  He purchased the studio from its founder, Rei Farid, in May 2019 — just ten months before the coronavirus global pandemic.

While many yoga studios in New York City permanently shuttered, Joneil shepherded Living Yoga through a year-long government mandated shutdown.

Supported by a core of dedicated members, the studio reopened its doors in March 2021 — emerging with a physically transformed sanctuary and a renewed sense of purpose.

New Beginnings

Just two years after reopening, and having grown by leaps and bounds, our studio community was thriving and as vibrant as ever.  It was also clear we had outgrown our original space.

In January 2023, Living Yoga moved 1 mile west to its current location in the heart of Forest Hills, Queens.

Our new home, on the corner of 71st Avenue and Queens Boulevard, is a welcoming and supportive space where yogis are able to focus on their Self and their practice.

The Studio

Our new sanctuary, at 2300 square feet, is about double the size of our original space.  There are 2 practice rooms:  the Hot Room, for heated practices; and the Vinyasa Room, for non-heated practices.  There is also a large reception area where members of our community talk and reconnect before and after classes.

Facts & Figures


    • 40+ weekly classes
    • 2300 square feet
    • 4 changing stalls
    • storage for shoes, coats & bags
    • 550 square feet
    • 18 maximum capacity
    • infrared heating panels
    • 650 square feet
    • 20 maximum capacity

Core Values

Yoga is a practice of unity and love.

It is about seeing yourself in every living being you encounter.

When we practice, we come together out of compassion, empathy, devotion, a desire to serve others, and a thirst for knowledge.

Our studio welcomes people of all races, cultures, languages, religious and spiritual beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, sizes, ages and backgrounds.

We reject violence, abuse, harassment, intimidation, degradation and discrimination against any member of our spiritual community.

We also commit — through our thoughts, words and actions — to help all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu.

Teaching Philosophy

At Living Yoga, we move, we chant, we meditate, and we Om.  We live and breathe yoga.

Our yoga classes don’t rely on fads or gimmicks.  Instead, our offerings remain true to yoga’s roots.  We believe in the power and potency of traditional yogic practices that have been honed and developed through the ages.

However, we also understand that we all get on our yoga mats with different levels of experience and ability.  We also know that our bodies and moods are constantly changing.

That’s why we teach several yoga styles and lineages at our studio.  Some of our classes are on the gentler side — with slow, mindful movements designed to soothe nerves and spark introspection.  Other classes cater to bodies that crave challenging and dynamic poses to clear blockages and eliminate impurities.

Part of the beauty of yoga is that it is vast and diverse.  This means the practice can be tailored to people where they are that day, at that moment.

Dharma Yoga Affiliate

We are honored to be Queens’ first and only Dharma Yoga Affiliate.  Created by Sri Dharma Mittra in 1975, Dharma Yoga is a modern interpretation of classical eight-limbed yoga.

Sri Dharma is a renowned yoga master who has dedicated his whole life to the practice and propagation of yoga.  With over 50 years of constant practice and teaching, he shares that accumulated wisdom at his yoga school in New York City and around the world.

His contribution to the world of yoga are vast, and he is well known for his mastery of yoga poses.  Sri Dharma’s iconic Master Chart of 908 Asanas is displayed at Living Yoga and at other yoga studios and ashrams across the world. 

For many years, Sri Dharma was the only yoga teacher in New York City teaching advanced yoga postures. He is a source of inspiration for countless practitioners and teachers, emphasizing the importance of humility, self-discipline, and selfless service. 

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