Living Yoga

Our Story

We Om, we chant, we meditate and we flow.

For more than a decade, Living Yoga has been helping people heal their bodies, transform their lives, and find inner peace.  Every day, yogis from all over Queens gather in our sanctuary to reflect, connect, and experience spiritual growth.


Living Yoga first opened its doors in 2009.  Our founder, Rei Farid, was an attorney who left her legal practice behind to teach yoga classes and run the studio.  From those humble seeds, a vibrant and diverse spiritual community sprouted and grew.

Living Yoga’s current owner, Joneil Adriano, is a former journalist who joined the studio as a student in 2015 and later became one of its teachers.  Like Rei, Joneil also took a leap of faith out of the corporate world.

He took the reins at Living Yoga in 2019, shepherding the studio through the coronavirus pandemic and a government-mandated shutdown.  Living Yoga emerged more than a year later with a physically transformed sanctuary and a renewed sense of purpose.


Today, Living Yoga offers a dynamic and diverse practice, while remaining true to yoga’s roots.  Our spiritual community also reflects the colorful mosaic of the neighborhoods we serve.  

Because people’s bodies and moods constantly change, the studio offers classes in many yoga styles and for different ability levels.  We are committed to meeting our yogis where they are that day, at that moment. 

Whether they are craving an invigorating vinyasa or Dharma class, a sweaty hot yoga session, or a refreshing restorative practice — we provide people options.  Through the ebb and flow of today’s modern world, the ancient science of yoga continues to offer a wide variety of tools and techniques for feeling calm, centered, and grounded.

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Yoga is a practice of unity and love.

Living Yoga is a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive sanctuary. We embrace people of all races, cultures, languages, religious and spiritual beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, sizes, ages and backgrounds.

We come together out of love, empathy, devotion, compassion, a desire to serve others, and a thirst for knowledge. We reject violence, abuse, harassment, intimidation, degradation and discrimination against any member of our community.

We commit — through our thoughts, words and actions — to help all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering.

I am you.  You are me.  So Hum.  Hum Sa.