welcome to living yoga

New Student Guide

We want you to get the most out of your first visit to our studio.

Starting yoga and joining a new studio can sometimes feel confusing and scary.  And you probably have lots of questions about us and what we offer. You’ve come to the right place!

We created this New Student Guide will help you navigate the ins-and-outs of our studio.  Our yoga community is vibrant and welcoming, reflecting the rich diversity of the neighborhoods we serve.

In our sanctuary, yogis can practice without judgment or worry.  We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and pick each other up when we’re down.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has been walking the yogic path for a while, we’re here to support you as you embark on this chapter of your journey.  Ready to take that first step?






An exclusive offer for new students.

If you’ve never taken a class at Living Yoga before, take advantage of our New Student Membership.

We created this special membership to make it as easy and affordable for you to sample our offerings.  That way, you can find the yoga styles that you enjoy and the teachers that are right for you.

Taking lots of classes is also the best way to develop a consistent yoga practice.  We recommend coming to the studio at least twice a week.

With this membership, you can take an unlimited number of classes during the first month for just $65.  Mat and towel rentals are also included for free!

If you decide this membership isn’t for you, simply cancel it during your first month. And it’s easy to do — just login to your account or send us an email.  No hard feelings!

But if you continue with this membership, it renews at a discounted rate of $130/month.  You will keep that special rate for the life of your membership.  By comparison, our standard unlimited membership is $155/month — so the New Student Membership is a really great bargain!

Are you a beginner?  Recovering from an injury?  Or coming back to your mat after a long absence?

We recommend these classes for you.

Back to Basics

This is our introductory level vinyasa class, focusing on basic poses, pranayama and meditation practices that yogis will return to time and time again. Flexibility is is not required! Beginners will build a foundation for a lifelong practice. Experienced students will also benefit by refining their alignment and techniques in preparation for more advanced poses.


Friday Night Remedy

After a stressful workweek, this class will leave you feeling blissful and renewed. Stretch out and unwind with gentle asanas in our hot room.  The warmth (95º F) releases tension and tightness trapped in the muscles, while also helping to sweat out impurities. This class ends with 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra, an ancient guided meditation practice done lying down.


Flow & Restore

Find that perfect balance between movement and rest, effort and ease, action and relaxation. Beginning with a flowing vinyasa sequence, participants in this class will move with their breath and generate heat internally.  That is then followed by soothing restorative poses, which cools down the muscles and recharges your batteries. Your mind, body and soul will be grateful.



Gentle Yoga

Slow down, take your time, and move with ease and grace. Gentle yoga emphasizes poses that most people can do — even those who aren’t very flexible or mobile, or don’t have a lot of experience doing yoga. Participants are guided into each posture slowly and mindfully. There is also a focus on good alignment, and how to use yoga props to make asanas more accessible.



Hot Yin Yoga

Go on an a vast inward journey, exploring the physical, emotional and psychological sensations unleashed when your body stays in a posture for several minutes at a time. Release stress and tension, and savor each pose, most of which are done sitting or lying down on your mat. The room is only heated to 95º F and feels like a typical Summer day.



Lunch Express

This shorter, flowing practice that packs many of the benefits of our vinyasa classes into your lunch hour. Because it’s just 45 minutes long, this class is perfect for those who work nearby and could use a midday break between meetings and Zoom calls. This class will give you that extra boost of energy that will power you through the rest of the day.




Release & Recharge

Time for some self-care!  This class combines three soothing and therapeutic yoga practices.  Yin Yoga uses long holds to release tension trapped deep in the body. Restorative Yoga uses blankets and bolsters for support and stability. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation done lying down to achieve a state of deep relaxation.



Yin & Flow

Enjoy the meditative qualities of Yin Yoga and the energizing sequences of Vinyasa in the same class. During Yin portion of class, body weight and gravity are used to ease muscles into deep streches. In the Flow portion, a dynamic series of asanas will improve strength and endurance. Feel rejuvenated inside and out!


When you go to class, don’t forget to bring…

A yoga mat or rent one at the studio.
Water or beverage to stay hydrated.
Clean clothes to wear during class.
Towels or rent one at the studio.
A willingness to try something new.

Practice Tips.

Take a spot near the teacher so you can see and hear them clearly.

Put your cell phone away once class starts.  Turn it off or put it on silent mode.

Ask questions anytime you’re confused or something doesn’t feel right.  Request a modification if something is too difficult.

Listen to your body.  Learn the difference between discomfort (good) and pain (bad).

Taking slow, deep breaths through the nostrils will help you hold difficult poses longer.

You’re not expected to know how to do all the poses.  After all, that’s why you’re taking the class!  Do your best, and let nature run its course.

Whenever you feel exhausted or lightheaded, go into child’s pose or lie down on your mat.  Rejoin the class when you’re ready.

If you feel stiff and sore the next day, do more yoga!  Movement and stretching is great for achey muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I still do yoga if I'm not flexible?

Of course!  In fact, that’s the reason many people decide to practice yoga — because they want to improve their mobility and fitness.  After just a few classes, you’ll begin to notice improvements in your flexibility and mobility.

Do I need to book my class in advance?

We strongly recommend it.  If it’s your first class with us, creating your account and booking your spot ahead of time will save you several minutes of waiting at the front desk.  We’ll be able to get you settled into your class that much more quickly.

In addition, some of our classes are regularly at or near full capacity.  We may not be able to admit you into a class if all the spots are already taken.

Do you have hot yoga classes?

Yes!  We offer several hot yoga classes every day.  Some of them are good for beginners, others are a little more challenging.  If you’re never done yoga before, it’s probably a good idea to try our non-hot classes first, before jumping into hot room.  Learn more about our heated offerings, and how to prepare for them, here.

What if I don't have a yoga mat?

You can rent one of our lululemon mats for $3.  If you sign up for the New Student Trial Membership

We also sell high quality, eco-friendly Manduka yoga mats for $80 at the studio.

What should I wear? How should I prepare?

Wear something light and stretchy.  Clean gym clothes will do the trick. Avoid thick or heavy fabrics that will bunch up during certain poses and get in your way.

Because many people are senstitive to strong scents, please avoid perfumes and colognes. Come to class cleaned and groomed.

Can I eat before class?

Yoga postures are best done on an empty stomach. Inversions and twists, for example, are very uncomfortable when your stomach is full of food.  We recommend not eating anything 2 hours before your class starts.  If you absolutely need to eat, try some fruit or another light snack.

Should I drink before class?

Absolutely!  This is especially important if you’re taking a heated class.  But even if your class isn’t in the hot room, it’s still a good idea to stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of fluids like water and coconut water throughout the day, before your class.

What time should I arrive?

If it’s your first visit, please show up about 15 minutes before the class starts. That way, we can show you around, get you settled in, and introduce you to your teacher.

If you haven’t signed up in advance, please arrive even earlier.  It will take us a few minutes to register you in the system and check you in.

What if I'm running late?

Please call us at (718) 261-9642 to let us know you’re running late.  That way, we’ll know not to give your spot to someone on the wait list. 

If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, we can’t let you into the class for safety reasons.

Once you arrive, don’t enter the room until after the Om is completed.  Go to your spot and unroll your mat quietly to avoid disturbing others.

Do you have showers or locker rooms?

No, we don’t.  Our regulars prefer to shower in the privacy of their own home.  We do have changing stalls you can use to get in and out of your yoga clothes.

Where can I park my car?

Metered street parking is available around the studio.  However, we’re on a very busy part of Queens, so parking spaces are often hard to find.  Budget at least 30 minutes to look for parking.  The nearest parking garage is at 108-20 71st Ave. It’s a good idea to take public transportation whenever possible.

Where can I lock up my bicycle?

The nearest bike racks are in front of the Forest Hills branch of the Queens Public Library.  The library is at 108-19 71st Avenue, directly behind the studio.

Are you near the subway?

Absolutely!  It’s the best way to get to the studio.  We are just steps away from the 71st – Continental Ave station on the E/F subway lines.  If you’re traveling eastbound, exit at the front of the platform.  If you’re traveling westbound, get off at the back of the train. We are located on the north side of Queens Boulevard.

Is it OK to to leave a class early?

To get the full benefits of the practice, it’s always a good idea to stay for the entire class, especially the closing savasana, when your body has a chance to recharge and recover.

If you absolutely have to leave, please let the instructor know at the beginning of class.  Set up your mat near the door so you can make a discreet exit.  Leave quietly before the class settles into savasana and don’t disturb others on your way out.