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117-20 Queens Blvd., 2nd Floor

Forest Hills, NY 11375

(718) 261-9642

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What We Offer

A woman in black closes her eyes and holds her hands in prayer. A male yogi does likewise in the background.


A woman in a blue top and black shorts does a yoga pose on her hands and knees.


A male teacher wearing a blue shirt and grey leggings shows how to do a headstand.


A woman demonstrates proper hand position in downward dog.


A woman wearing a green tank top and black leggings does a seated twist.


A pregnant woman in a brown top and leggings sits in a mediation pose.


Events Calendar

A graphic for the Level Up Your Practice workshop featuring the host, Jen SanMiguel.

Dec. 10, 2022

Winter Holiday Party

May the warmth of friendship take the chill from the air, and the spirit of the season make winter easier to bear. This year’s event features our very own Angelina Haque, a world renowned Kathak dancer. Originating in northern India, Kathak is one of the eight main classical Indian dance forms. Please join us as we jingle & mingle at the Living Yoga Winter Holiday Party!

A graphic for the Autumn Equinox Sound Bath showing the hosts, Alex and Christine Beckmann.

Dec. 18, 2022

Winter Solstice Sound Bath

Welcome the winter season through mindful listening and positive intention. You will lie down and be immersed in a magical sonic landscape of gongs, singing bowls and other overtone emitting instruments. It’s a form of guided meditation where you are bathed in sound waves that transport you to deeply relaxing, healing and meditative states of consciousness.

A graphic for the Autumn Equinox Sound Bath showing the hosts, Alex and Christine Beckmann.

Jan. 7. 2023

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Cacao, from which modern chocolate is derived, has been revered for centuries by the indigenous peoples of Central America because of its medicinal and spiritual properties. During full moons, our intuition and emotions are heightened. Drinking cacao ceremonially enhances that experience and activates the heart chakra.

established 2009

Join Us On The Road To Radiant Health

Located in Forest Hills, Queens, Living Yoga is an intimate and serene yoga studio offering daily yoga and hot yoga classes. These include vinyasa, Dharma, yin, restorative, and 26+2, as well as yoga classes for beginners.

In addition, we host monthly workshops and special programs on a variety of mindful disciplines. Since 2009, we have helped thousands of people tend to their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

We believe in the power of traditional, time-honored yoga practices to remedy modern problems. People from many walks of life come to our studio to release stress, recharge their batteries, and feel revitalized.

Today, our sanctuary is home to a vibrant and diverse yoga community. We invite you to practice with us.  See for yourself what makes Living Yoga a hidden jewel in the bustling heart of Queens.

A woman wearing a white tank top sits with her hands together in prayer during class.
A woman in a dark tank top rests her head on a block during a hot yoga class.
A woman in a brown tank top practices dancer pose against a wall in a vinyasa class.


Erin Panzarella

“Living Yoga continues to show me the true meaning of yoga is. I am so grateful to have this sanctuary so close to my home.”

melissa duchan

“I am so happy I found this place. The class was challenging but not killer — just right.  I can’t wait to start coming more.”

A female yoga teacher wearing a white shirt rests on a stack of blankets and bolsters.

yilin wang

“I felt a deep love for my body — a strong and satisfactory sensation I never felt in my life.  This is healing for me.”

jyoti lakhani

“I loved the class.  For a beginner like me, it was relaxing, supportive and helped me zen out and get some great stretch in.”

Why We Practice Yoga

A teacher leads a hot yoga class in upward dog pose.

Yoga’s eightfold path offers a multitude of practices and techniques for achieving radiant health and Self-Realization.

In the West, what gets the most attention is asana, which is when we bend and stretch the body into various shapes and poses.  Postural yoga helps make us stronger, more flexible, and more resilient. 

However, there are many forms of yoga that can be practiced without a yoga mat.  For example, the Yamas and Niyamas are guidelines for ethical behavior in our daily lives.

When we practice pranayama, we tap into the power of prana. That’s the life-force or energy that surrounds and sustains all living beings. Meanwhile, pratyahara turns our attention inward, giving our senses a much-needed break from external distractions.

Finally, meditation brings discipline to the monkey mind.  With time, it will sharpen the intellect and lift the veil of ignorance.  We will then be able to see the world with truth and clarity.

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