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Body+ Love Workshop

published: Oct 29, 2021

We are honored to host Allé K (he/him) on Saturday, Nov. 6, for our first workshop since reopening. 

Have you ever felt left out of traditional yoga spaces? Did you feel different from everyone in the room? Perhaps your body shape was different or larger than most of the other practitioners, including the teacher. If so, this workshop is for you. 

Body+ Love is for people who want to learn how to live in and fully embrace their physical bodies, especially those who’ve been discouraged from doing so.

As a fat yoga teacher, Allé K (he/him) seeks to hold space for folks — such as those who are queer, fat, trans, BIPOC, or otherwise marginalized — who do not usually see themselves reflected by the wider yoga industry. 

This workshop is meant to help people learn how to live in and fully embrace their physical bodies through community building, a grounding meditation, gentle exercises, mantras, and deep relaxation. 


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