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Something For Every Body

For Beginners

If you are brand new to yoga, or restarting your practice after a long hiatus, we recommend starting with these classes.   They are also good for people dealing with injuries.  These classes are either designed for beginners, or go at a pace where most people can keep up.

Back To Basics

Focus on basic poses, pranayama and meditation techniques that yogis will return to time and time again. This class provides beginners with a foundation for a lifelong yoga practice. Flexibility is is not required! Experienced students will also benefit by refining their alignment and transitions in preparation for more advanced poses.

Flow & Restore

Find that perfect balance between movement and rest.  Beginning with a flowing vinyasa sequence, participants in this class will generate heat internally.  That is then followed by relaxing restorative poses, which allow you to cool the muscles and recharge your batteries. Your mind, body and soul will be grateful.

Hot Yin Yoga

Go on an a vast inward journey, exploring the physical, emotional and psychological sensations unleashed when your body stays in a posture for several minutes at a time. Savor each pose, most of which are done sitting or lying down on your mat. The room is only heated to 95º F and feels like a typical Summer day.

Lunch Express

A shorter flowing practice that packs many of the benefits of our vinyasa classes into your lunch hour. Because it’s just 45 minutes long, this class is perfect for those who work nearby and need a midday break between meetings and Zoom calls. You’ll feel that extra boost of energy that will help power you through the rest of the day.

Release & Recharge

Time for selfcare! This class combines three soothing and therapeutic yoga practices.  Yin Yoga uses long holds to release tension trapped deep in the body. Restorative Yoga uses blankets and bolsters for support and stability. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation done lying down to achieve a state of deep relaxation. 

Yin & Flow

Enjoy the meditative qualities of Yin Yoga and the energizing sequences of Vinyasa in the same class. During Yin portion of class, body weight and gravity are used to ease muscles into deep streches. In the Flow portion, a dynamic series of asanas will improve strength and endurance. Feel rejuvenated inside and out!

For All Levels

These classes are great for people looking for a challenge.  These practices improve strength, balance, endurance, flexiblity and focus.  Beginners are welcome to take these classes too. Teachers will offer modifications and accessible variations to those who need them.

Core Fusion Yoga

A firm and stable core is vital to maintaining good posture and keeping the rest of your body functioning and healthy.  This class will strengthen and tone your abs, glutes and pelvic floor through yoga poses, bandhas, breath work, and other exercises and movements that target the muscles in the central region of the body.

Dharma Yoga

Created by Sri Dharma Mittra, this style of yoga includes a flowing vinyasa sequence, followed by inversions and other asanas that are held longer to improve focus and concentration. Deep relaxation, breathing and meditation exercises create a well-rounded, spiritual practice rooted in the classical Eight Limbs of Yoga.

Dharma Yoga Wheel

When your spine is strong and flexible, you can’t help but feel young and radiant! In this all-levels class, learn how to incorporate the yoga wheel, a revolutionary prop created by Sri Dharma Mittra, into your asana practice. Deepen your backbends, strengthen your core, and release tightness in your shoulders and hips.

Hot Yoga

This is a vinyasa style class practiced in our hot room (up to 105º F and at least 40% humidity). Under the sweltering conditions, muscles become limber more quickly. The heat also promotes cardiovascular and respiratory health, burns more calories, and encourages the body to sweat out impurities.

Hot Yoga 26+2

This practice popularized hot yoga in the West. It consists of 26 traditional yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises done in a very hot (up to 105º F) and humid (40% or more) room. This class systematically moves blood and oxygen throughout the body. It also improves strength, muscle tone, flexibility and endurance.


This invigorating and dynamic class is for anyone who enjoys twisting, turning, bending backwards and going upside down — or wants to learn how!  Move with your breath and transition from one pose to another. The class builds strength, stamina, and flexibility, and will leave you feeling young and happy like a kid again.

Warm Vinyasa

This class is perfect for those curious about hot yoga but feel intimidated by the hot room. Explore the body-mind-breath connection while flowing from one posture to another.  At 95º F, the room is slightly cooler than during typical hot yoga classes, but participants will still experience many of  the benefits of a heated practice.

Yoga In Forest Park

Take your yoga practice outdoors with a fun and energetic Vinyasa class in Forest Park.  Feel the sun on your skin, the breeze in your hair and the grass under your feet as you flow through the poses.  You will build strength, become more flexible, and feel energized.  (This class is typically offered during the warmer months.)

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