get your sweat on

Mary Li demonstrating a seated twist

Hot Yoga is a type of yoga practiced in a room that is heated anywhere from from 95º F to 105º F.  Under high temperatures, muscles will loosen up and become limber more quickly.  As a result, students can reach deeper variations of poses in a shorter amount of time.

The heat confers additional benefits. First, hot yoga burns more calories than unheated classes.  Second, cardiovascular and respiratory systems work harder during a hot class, making them stronger in the long run.  And finally, there is something physically and emotionally gratifying about an intense, sweaty workout.

Because hot yoga can be a demanding practice, students are strongly encouraged to hydrate before, during and after class.  They also should consult their doctor to make sure they don’t have any medical conditions that might be aggravated by the heat and intense physical activities.

Hot Yoga 26+2

While just about any yoga style can be done in a heated room, Hot Yoga 26+2 is unique because it consists of a specific series of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises done in every class.   This is the practice that introduced and popularized hot yoga in the U.S.  It also goes by other names, including Traditional Hot Yoga, Original Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga.

Heated Offerings at Living Yoga

We offer the following heated classes on our schedule:

  • Hot Yoga 26+2
  • Hot Yoga 
  • Hot Yin Yoga
  • Warm Vinyasa
  • Warm Back to Basics

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