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Enjoy Some Chill Summer Vibes

🖋️ May 15, 2023

Alex Beckmann returns to Living Yoga in June to offer a seasonal sound bath.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, marking the peak of the sun’s power and energy. It’s a time for celebrating the abundance of nature and the potential for growth and expansion.

Although the summer solstice is already a powerful moment in time, a sound bath can amplify this energy even further.  The vibrations emitted by instruments like singing bowls, gongs and chimes can help you connect with the energy of the sun and the earth, and tap into the abundance and potential that this time of year represents.

Our seasonal sound baths are transformative and profound.  That’s why they are our most popular events and always sell out. 

If you’ve never experienced one before, please sign up early so you can secure a spot.