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Graphic for our New Moon Women's Circle event.

A Time to Birth Something New

🖋️ January 7, 2024

We are partnering with lululemon to offer a New Moon Women’s Circle with Merlin Lledias. A women’s circle is a sacred ceremony of women, for women — where every story feels like it’s been told for ages and every silent moment is filled with understanding. 

This event will be held on Saturday night, Jan. 13. is open to all women and those who identify as women.  Participants will nourish themselves in gentleness, healing and self love.

Expect an evening of meditation, guided journaling prompts and dance therapy. It will conclude with a group reiki session and a sound healing meditation. Participants will receive journals, pens and meditation aids.

The New Moon Women’s Circle is currently sold out, you may join the wait list in case there are any cancellations.