there are many paths

Kate Lawlor demonstrates low lunge in Charles Wharton's class

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, there will be something on Living Yoga’s schedule that will appeal to you. We offer a robust and diverse array of classes, in a variety of styles and disciplines.

Many classes are open to all levels, meaning beginners practice next to yogis with years of experience. As a result, newcomers can learn tips and tricks directly from more seasoned yogis.

Back to Basics

We also offer classes tailored specifically for beginners, as well as those who want to brush up on the fundamentals.

We call these classes Back to Basics, and they cover poses typically done during yoga classes. Students learn how to do poses safely because proper technique and alignment are emphasized.


Vinyasa classes are dynamic, powerful, and lots of fun. If you’re looking to test your physical limits, you will find these classes both challenging and rewarding.

Flowing sequences are the hallmark of the Vinyasa practice. Students transition from one yoga pose to another with the help of the breath. These classes build strength and stamina. 

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga classes are similar to Vinyasa classes, except they are conducted at slower pace.  This practice also explores subtle movements and incorporates yoga props during many poses.

Gentle Yoga is a great place to start if you are working through injuries, have physical limitations, or just don’t want to feel rushed.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga classes emphasize holding asanas for several minutes at a time.  There are plenty of opportunities for introspection and exploration of strong physical sensations.

Yin classes stretch the deepest layers of the muscles and joints.  If you are looking to improve your flexibility, or need to release tightness and tension, this practice will be very good for you.  Because of its slow, deliberative nature, Yin Yoga is a wonderful counterbalance to intense and repetitive physical exercises like running or lifting weights.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is another yoga style that emphasizes holding poses for lengthy periods of time.  But unlike Yin Yoga, where the stretch can feel very intense, restorative yoga (as the name suggests) is a restful practice.

Bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and other yoga props support the body during each asana.  Because the muscles aren’t straining, they eventually soften and unwind.  This leads to a state of deep relaxation.

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