Studio Updates

The 411 On 108-01 Queens Blvd

published: Feb 15, 2023

Coming to the new studio for the first time?  Great!  We can’t wait to see you.  Here are some things you should know about our new location.


The studio is in Suite 201.  When you arrive at the building, go to the entrance to the right of the Starbucks.  At the keypad, dial 201 followed by the green 🔔 button.  That will let us know you’re downstairs and ready to be buzzed in.



Bathrooms are outside the studio, down the main hall.  We recommend making a pit stop there before entering the studio itself.  These lavatories are shared with 2 other small businesses in the building.  Codes are not required.

Storing Your Stuff

We have ample storage for shoes and coats in the entry hallway.  There are also extra shelves in the reception area for your bags and other bulky items.  Please bring only what you need inside the practice rooms.

Rental Mats

We have 18 brand new, reversible rental mats for the studio.  We also now keep mat cleaning spray inside the practice rooms. After cleaning your rental mat, hang them up on the drying racks by the window in the reception area.

Mat Storage

If you have mat storage, please do not leave your mat in the studio until your assigned hook has been installed.  If you’re on the mat storage waiting list, you will receive an email soon with your assigned hook number.

Dressing Stalls

We have 4 dressing stalls in the new space. Draw the curtains closed while using them.  When exiting, please keep the curtains open so the next person can tell the stall is vacant.

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