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Unlocking ‘Key to NYC’

🖋️ August 21, 2021

Key to NYC is now in effect.  That is the name of the new rules issued by the city health department requiring everyone participating in indoor dining, fitness or entertainment activities to be at least partiallyvaccinated against COVID-19.

Anyone who takes an indoor yoga class in New York City must now show proof you have received at least one shot of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine.


Acceptable proof of vaccination includes:

  1. CDC Vaccination Card.  Photos of the card are acceptable.
  2. Official Vaccination Documents.  Examples include any immunization document issued by a government entity (within or outside the US), or a healthcare provider.
  3. NYC Covid Safe App. This app allows you to upload a photo of your official CDC vaccination card to your mobile phone.
  4. NYS Excelsior Pass. This app creates a unique QR code which businesses can scan on the premises.

If you have previously shown one of the above documents to us, your Living Yoga account has already been updated to indicate you have satisfied the new citywide mandates.  You do not need to show us your vaccine records again.

If you have not yet shown us proof of vaccination, you may email your record to us before your class, or present it at the front desk when you arrive.

As a reminder, masks are required in the studio until you are fully vaccinated. You become fully vaccinated 2 weeks after 1) the first dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine; or 2) the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. 

Nearly 100% of the yogis who have been practicing with us this summer are already fully vaccinated. Thank you for doing your part to help fight this deadly disease.