Health & Safety


We encourage everyone entering the studio to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  However, participants in our indoor classes are no longer required to present proof of vaccination.

Face Masks

In NYC, the spread of the virus is currently high. Public health officials advise everyone to wear a mask in all indoor public settings. If you want to wear one during class, we offer free masks at the front desk.

Air Quality

Air purifiers run 24/7 in our practice rooms. Equipped with hospital grade True HEPA filters, they completely clean and circulate the air every 15 minutes. Weather permitting, we also open windows for extra ventilation.


Stay home if you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms. Do not come to the studio.  Please report any positive COVID test results you get within 3 days of your last class.

Hand Hygiene

We have placed hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio.  Please remember to wash visibly soiled hands with soap and water.

Shared Yoga Props

If you are unable to bring your own props to class, we have rental towels and mats, as well as communal props. Please clean all used items after class with our cleaning spray, and place dirty linens in the hampers.