COVID-19 Updates

No Indoor Yoga Classes

  • on October 20, 2020
  • by Joneil

Indoor fitness classes are currently prohibited in New York City, and that includes yoga classes.  Health officials have given no indication when this restriction will be lifted, so for the time being, we are offering yoga classes on our livestream, as well as hold outdoor yoga classes at the Overlook in Forest Park.

Yoga in Forest Park

We will keep this class on our schedule so long as weather conditions permit it.  It's available every day of the week, and twice on Saturdays, and meets in the Overlook.  After signing up, we will email you a map with the exact locations in the park where the class is generally held.  It costs $20 to drop in, less if you buy a multi-class pass or sign up for a Membership.

Livestream Yoga

Take yoga classes in the comfort of your own or anywhere you have an internet connection.  We teach classes in a variety of styles, open to everyone from beginners to advanced yogis.  After signing up, we will email you the link to join the livestream.  Classes cost $20 to drop in, less if you buy a 5 Class Digital Pass ($70) or sign up for our unlimited Digital Membership ($85/month).