Living Yoga
Living Yoga

Yoga is both a science for living, and a living science. Living Yoga has been sharing the wisdom and benefits of yoga to our diverse community for a decade.

We have 2 practice rooms. One is heated for hot yoga, the other is dedicated to unheated classes.

Whether they’re new to the practice or have been practicing for many years, all students and seekers are welcome in our classes. We foster a warm, supportive, non-competitive environment where people can further their practice, and connect with themselves and their community.

Living Yoga was founded by Rei Farid, who left a career in law to answer a calling to teach yoga. She and her husband lovingly created the sanctuary.

In 2019, she sold the studio to Joneil Adriano, a Living Yoga student who later became one of its teachers. He shares Rei’s commitment to teaching a complete yoga practice — not just the physical asanas, but also the spiritual dimensions that shakes to the core and transforms lives.